My initial frustration with Ubuntu making the slow transformation to a free version of Windows led me to try and eventually switch to CrunchBang. CrunchBang was everything I loved about Ubuntu (huge repositories and a vast wealth of online documentation and forum help) minus everything I hated (GNOME, fixed release cycles and a user base that gets a collective erection when Ubuntu gets a new wallpaper). But CrunchBang never released an update after Ubuntu 9.10 came out, and I was tired of adding PPA’s every time I needed software newer than what was in the repositories. With a sad heart I switched to a setup of minimal Ubuntu+LXDE, which is aided by CrunchBang teaching me a few things about Openbox. But Ubuntu is still on a fixed release schedule, and that shit gets old really fast, so I decided to make the switch to Squeeze+LXDE. Other than maybe Arch+LXDE, I can’t think of an OS that might be available in the near future that could make me switch again, until I saw this announcement. Yep, CrunchBang is moving from Ubuntu to Squeeze. Now I know how an Ubuntu fan feels when they get a new wallpaper or move their window buttons from one side to the other!

The CrunchBang announcement also mentioned that they would be releasing an Xfce4 version, which struck me as odd since I was under the impression that they main reason that CB existed at all was to have an OS that was functional without a desktop environment. It will be interesting to see what these guys do with a desktop.