College Football News just wrote an article on the top non-conference games for 2010, and the list is pathetic. Of their top 10, four are annual contests, one involves UNC, another involves Texas AM and third involves Florida St. That leaves 3 decent games, and one of those involves Boise St. So there are a whopping TWO out of conference games that involves teams with balls: Penn St. at Bame and The U at Ohio St. College football fans are too stupid to realize that we are being robbed. We get a max of 14 games per year for our team, and we tolerate 8-10 of them being against inferior competition. Get a fucking playoff, so teams won’t be so scared to lose a single game, then schedule to opponents we give a shit about. I hate Bama, a lot, but I will give them that for the past few years they have the guts to schedule at least one stud (I know it’s usually a defacto home game in the Georgia Dome, but I’ll take what I can get at this point). College football is so messed up right now, it’s forcing me to say nice things about Bama. That’s fucked up.