I really like LMDE. While I’ve never been a huge fan of Linux Mint in general, I understand that it is a very well run project, with a very loyal group of fans. But I like Debian, and the Mint team seemed to address every issue I have with Debian, so liking LMDE makes sense. For me anyways. But it seems to be a hot topic elsewhere as well. And by hot I mean receiving way more attention than any other community built linux distro that I can remember. Here are some of the links.

Lifehacker rarely writes about distro releases, especially smaller ones like this.

This guy rarely writes about individual distros, and when he does he usually dislikes them.

Now this is only two sources, but I don’t read alot of linux blogs. And these two pieces hit on my feelings exactly: normal linux users can now test (live media) and easily install (live installer) Debian testing, without having to worry about flash and other codecs, because they’re included. And it’s fast as shit. This could turn out to be huge for the Mint project.

UPDATE – Another one. I have never seen this site write about distributions, impressive.