These apply to any buntu actually, but I can’t use any other buntu for more than a few days without replacing it with something using LXDE or Openbox, for me they only apply to Lubuntu. While I think ArchBang, Crunchbang, Debian and SliTaz are fantastic distributions, they all are missing some combination of the following three attributes:

1. Live CD/USB
2. Nvidia support
3. Simple graphical installer

Lubuntu, like all buntu’s, is easy to test, view and install. While SliTaz is easy to boot from a USB, it’s video support is lacking. Debian, and therefore CrunchBang, is sometimes a pain when trying to boot from a USB. And ArchBang itself is easy to boot from a USB, but I last tried to compile and boot the new LXDE version and it gave me some problems. ArchBang could end up being my favorite distro, but we’ll have to wait and see.