Oh man I am torn on this one. Usually I agree with any argument that is anti-Apple, just on principal. Apple makes inferior products but is able to remain in the market because they target a group of people dumb enough to believe Apple is “cutting edge”. What’s so special about Mac OS again? It has an animated task-bar? And? That’s it? You’re shitting me, you paid how much for an animated task bar? Oh, and you like the keyboard? I guess that’s worth the extra $800. There flagship products the iPod and iPhone force you to use the steaming pile of crap that is iTunes, while offering nothing extra to offset that huge pain in the ass. So I root for Apple to fail at everything they do, which is why the iPad is currently making me so happy.

But Flash on websites sucks. I use FlashBlock for Chrome, and when it’s not installed it takes me a few minutes to figure out why I’m so angry. It’s because Flash slows down sites to the point of frustration. I’ve even begun using the text only browser Lynx, to avoid my interaction with Flash. So Apple essentially blocking Flash from the iPhone and iPad doesn’t bother me all that much. Even if Apple adopts a competing technology, such as HTML 5, web developers will be forced to give pause before deciding to add some crappy animation to their site. Apple playing hardball with Adobe should at the least slow down the proliferation of Flash across the web, and that’s great. Because Flash is bad for the web. Some critics of Flash blockers have argued that you’re hurting the sites you visit by blocking Flash based ads, because those ads pay for the site. That’s partially true. Those ads pay for sites only if WE visit the site. No traffic equals no revenue. And I’m not going to visit a site that I know will piss me off. The use of Flash blockers at least allow me to visit sites with the possibility that I might click on a non-Flash ad. Flash blockers don’t cost websites money, shitty Flash ads cost websites money.

So for the first, and probably last, time in my life I’m siding with Apple. Weird.