The Statler forum over at the CrunchBang site is letting users vote on which applications they want included in the Statler alpha release. I noticed that Geany was third in text editor voting, and since I am unfamiliar with Geany, I decided to check it out. Turns out they have support for plugins, and have a LaTeX plugin. What is odd is that I have never seen anyone in a “Which Linux LaTeX editor to you use” thread mention Geany. Geany and all of the plugins and the LaTeX plugin are in the Lucid repositories (I have Lubuntu on my netbook) and have no additional dependencies.

The LaTeX plugin has its own menu under “tools” and appears to have more menu options than any LaTeX editor plugin I have tried other than gedit. Geany appears to be more of an IDE than a text editor, so there are also a ton of other options cluttering up the menus. There also doesn’t appear to be an auto spell checking option, which is crucial for me.

The Geany LaTeX plugin is easy to install, and would be a good alternative for people that don’t have access to the gedit LaTeX plugin or people that are already Geany users.

Geany LaTeX plugin