I’m not sure why SLIM isn’t the default login in manager for LXDE, and I’m also not sure why I’ve never installed it before. But I just did, and I’m pretty pleased with the results. Just run

aptitude install slim

and when asked to select a default login manager choose SLIM. Then reboot, and run

aptitude remove gdm

Then use Synaptic to remove the residual config files. I’ve been using SLIM for all of 10 minutes, and it already seems much faster than GDM. To change the default theme, download (or create) a new theme, and place it in


and modify the slim configuration file


to select to the new theme. I couldn’t find an LXDE theme (I didn’t look very hard either), but I did find a pretty slick Debian one. Does anyone know why the LXDE project is developing their own login manager? This one seems pretty light weight and configurable.

Slick grey Debian theme